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This is where it all starts, your journey begins (or continues) here.

Our highly passionate and motivated coaches, known as "The Muscle Mechanics", are ready to service any and all who come into our gym. Are you looking for just a little "tune up" or are your goals a little more serious?

Whatever the case, your machine will be forged in the fires of the battlefield we lovingly refer to as "The Shop". Whether you are looking for a true challenge or you are just starting your fitness journey The Shop houses unique tools to help you carve a path to personal fitness.

Are you ready to persevere, overcome, and conquer?

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"Everyone at Tedesco Body Shop is caring, friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, and motivating. The family-like atmosphere makes it easy to keep going week after week."
-Robin H.


"The coaches genuinely care about their clients and work hard to get everyone into the best shape of their lives.  They bring a level of passion and energy into the gym that is contagious!...Even if it is outside of your comfort zone, try it out! I never thought that boxing would be something I would be interested in but now I'm obsessed!"

-Adrianne B.


"Tedesco Body Shop is by far the best gym In the Greater Pittsburgh area. They have top of the line equipment and great trainers."

Carrie K.


"It's a great gym with an amazing staff. You couldn't ask for a better gym experience!"

Kenneth D.


"Getting ready for Police Academy in Ohio and Jeren Natalie and James have gotten me ready. Try J3T with Jeren and James to great guys that want you to succeed and the end results are awesome. More energy and strength."

Jonathan A.


"What a great gym! I was looking for an alternative to the usual and this place is as billed. Nat, Mark and James are very helpful, and can take a workout anywhere you want it to go. The space and variety are better than anything I have seen in Pittsburgh."

Sean C.


"Amazing staff and equipment. There aren't a million treadmills, instead there are so many different machines and an obstacle course to try! Yes I said obstacle course! Rock climbing wall and they have every kind of educated trainer you can think of...from MMA to strength training and nutritional specialists! Come down and try it out! I promise you won't be let down!"


Amelia T.


"Wonderful atmosphere for getting focused and getting the job done. Friendly and educated staff."

Shauna R.


"What a terrific gym. I wished I lived closer so I could go to it all the time."

Bettie T.



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World-Class Coaches

Optimal Results

Our training staff is made up some of the top minds in the fitness industry in the greater Pittsburgh area.  Not only are our coaches enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable but they also have years of education and experience in health in fitness under their belts.  With specialties ranging from powerlifting to kickboxing, our coaches bring high-powered workouts to each of our clients based around their individual needs and goals.  Not only does our staff deliver amazing results through their workouts, but we also educate all of our clients on proper nutrition and general fitness do's and don'ts that make the results you achieve  classes last for life!  Knowledge is power, and the TBS Muscle Mechanics are here to educate!

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