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About Us

Who We Are

At Tedesco Body Shop we are passionate about fitness and we are looking to spread that passion.

All of our coaches on our staff not only are high level fitness trainers, but they also train themselves to be at the highest level of their own physical potential on a daily basis.

We are able to confidently push our clients to be the best versions of themselves due to our own internal drive towards self-improvement.

We know that pursuing any goal in fitness and health is a difficult task , and we are here to tell you that we want you to let us help you achieve your end-goal—we can get you there if you just put in the work!

What We Do

The Tedesco Body Shop’s staff is responsible for delivering high-powered, unique, and often fun workouts.

Our trainers thrive on the energy of our clients, and we are always learning and improving our training game.

From learning the most modern techniques to adding the best equipment, we are always striving to improve alongside of our clients.

We are able to deliver unique workouts and results based upon our amazing and modern facility which is packed with training equipment you can’t find in most gyms.

We do it all from training elite level athletes to helping someone control their diabetes through proper nutrition.

Where We Are

Conveniently located in the heart of Murrysville, Pennsylvania, the body shop is currently open for business!

We are located in the corner suite at 4431 William Penn Highway in Murrysville.  

With direct access to neighboring running trails, the gym offers workouts which can uniquely combine conventional indoor training and outdoor training seamlessly.

Like what you hear?

If you like what you are learning about us, then go ahead and just drop in! One of our muscle mechanics will be happy to walk you through the facilities, and they may even talk you into trying a class or two.

If you still just would like to get to know us a little more, check out some other sections of the website and learn what we are all about. To get more information now, simply fill out some information for us and we will contact you to help answer any question you still have!