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The Facilities

Unlike many “big-box”, chain gyms, The Body Shop’s use of gym space and equipment is to help build and enhance the human body...not to maximize how many people we can fit on treadmills! We think our facilities are as great as you do, but what really defines us is how we use what we have. Our coaches and training staff each offer a unique approach to training in our gym. Experience and a lifelong pursuit of fitness is what drives our training staff. As such, we offer many pieces of exercise equipment you simply cannot find in the vast majority of “normal” gyms.

With everything under one roof, one can find themselves not only getting a terrific workout at our shop, but they can also learn new skills or enhance their own with our different surfaces and training areas which are sometimes impossible to find side by side. However, here at the body shop we offer athletes and clients the ability to use multiple different kinds of training equipment which can lead to endless forms of training---how does getting a warmup in for 10 minutes on the rock climbing wall before you go lift weights or hit the heavy bag sound? To us at the shop, it sounds like a daily routine!

Our multiple training surfaces offer many different populations of athletes and clients the ability to train the way they need to. From our martial arts area encased with high end grappling mats, to our turf sprint track which houses speed training workouts and equipment, to our top of the line weight training mats, to our monkey bars and rock climbing wall, we simply have something for everyone.

Of course, we also house modern staples in fitness such as endless free weights and dumbells, squat racks, treadmills, ellipticals, barbells and the like. However, one major difference most gym rats will notice at our gym is the lack of weight machines…and it was planned that way. We believe that while machines offer a benefit to specific populations (I.e. Bodybuilders, those with injury/ailment, etc), the vast majority of what can be achieved with machines can not only be achieved by other methods, but can also hinder your body’s performance. The example we often cite is muscular imbalance to the point of someone not being able to do a pullup while being able to use the entire weight stack on a weighted pulldown machine—this imbalance is not great for your general health albeit perhaps appealing for physique enhancing effect. Basically, we aim to not only make our users and clients look good and feel good, but also function at a high level for life.

Anybody from elite athletes to those who are just starting their fitness and health journeys need to be a part of the Tedesco Body Shop. We implement training for life, and we can help change yours.