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The Team

Casually referred to as the “muscle mechanics” at the shop, our training staff is made up of some of the best minds in fitness in the greater Pittsburgh area. Each of our coaches has a different approach to how they get not only our members to their goals, but how they get themselves to where they want to be as well—all of the coaches pursue fitness ravenously day in, and day out.

It is not only our passion, but our lifestyle. It is what we enjoy. Our end goal on top of getting you in the healthiest, fittest, and best body possible, is to make sure you enjoy that journey. Anyone can engage in a new diet and exercise program and see results…The real challenge is what you do after your goal has been reached; do you sustain what you have earned or do you revert back to your old, undesirable habits?

Lifestyle change or maintenance is what makes the differences between simply achieving success in health or maintaining it. Our team has let fitness and health shape their lives and careers due to the benefits it has given them. They wish to help bring that benefit to you.

Not everyone has the same passion for fitness as we do, but we think after working with us you may find yourself recognizing why we do! The mindset at our facility amongst our training staff is to help our members enjoy their fitness journeys and not loathe them. We think we have built the best facility to help that mindset thrive!

Our facility offers the foundation, but our coaches make the house complete. Through both scientific approaches to training and nutrition combined with progress-driven and result-specific workout routines and programs, our coaches passion is to help anyone at any fitness level reach their own personal goal through our unique approaches to functional fitness and strength training.

Each member of our staff has an extensive background in health and fitness with not only credentials and education, but each has spent their lives in the gym and each knows what it’s like to have a goal in fitness.

We have spent hours honing our craft and understanding how to get from point A to point B. Whether your point A is losing 100 lbs or winning a state championship, we know the endpoint is success. We develop the plan and take you through the journey, but it is up to you to actually put that work in. Trust us, when you are a member at the shop, that’s all you will have energy for anyway…our coaches guarantee you the results you seek as long as you show up! Leave the game-planning to us!


CF-L1, US Army Psychological Operation Specialist


Owner and operator of the Body Shop, Natalie is a Crossfit certified trainer and an active strength sports competitor.  She is currently an active member of the United States Army Reserves where she serves as a Psychological Operations specialist. 

MS- Exercise Physiology, ACSM, Mixed Martial Artist, Gracie JiuJitsu Practitioner, former competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder

Marc has spent his life as a competitive athlete participating in sports ranging from Martial Arts to Football and has been a strength and conditioning coach for high-level athletes since graduating from the University of Pittsburgh's Exercise Science program in 2011.  With a  Master's degree in Exercise Physiology, focusing on physical activity's relation to chronic disease, Marc currently is am active competitor in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, and Mixed Martial Arts.



Former Elite Level Collegiate Track and Field Athlete

ISSA Certified Trainer

Jeren has spent most of his life as a track and field competitor at an elite level.  After suffering career ending injuries, he now spends his time working with and coaching clients from all backgrounds and demographics. He enjoys helping those who are looking to get into fitness  transform their bodies and achieve and surpass goals that they set for themselves.  Jeren likes to bring out the inner athlete in all of his trainees.

ISSA, NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer with 10+ years experience

Specializing in strength & conditioning, Powerlifting, & competition Prep

Fitness consultant & day to day operations manager of Tedesco Bodyshop