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Nutrition Services

Not only does the Body Shop provide space and equipment to help you live a healthy lifestyle, we provide the area’s top fitness and athletic performance specialists to instruct our classes and train our clients to their personal fitness goals.

However, it would be hard to say that’s all we do. An enormous part of the results we help our clients and members obtain is the work we do with both their personalized routines and progress driven adjustments.

Further, what makes those personalized routines so effective is without a doubt nutrition and supplementation. We implement science and evidence based nutritional programming to achieve outstanding physique-related results with our clients. From getting an athlete into peak performance shape, to helping a new mother lose unwanted baby weight, to helping life-long couch potatoes lose massive amounts of weight, we take pride in our private nutrition and supplementation programs.

Your nutrition is as personal as your training. As such, we consider anyone we help through the hurdles of proper nutrition or develop eating plans for a private-level client—we treat nutrition the same as workout plans: they almost always have to be unique to achieve the best results and maintenance of those results.