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Options For All Needs & Budgets

The Tedesco Body Shop offers multiple different membership options and packages to accommodate nearly all needs and budgets.

We use “tiers” or levels to describe the type of membership training level our clients have.

This is our most basic option. Members use the gym’s facilities at their own discretion, without the supervision of a coach.

Members have full access to all equipment except in the case of a pre-scheduled class--classes have space/equipment priority.

Open Gym hours, where no scheduled classes are happening will be posted and occur frequently throughout the day.




Coached by our experienced, credentialed, and passionate training staff the classes held at TBS are varied In both style and focus.

Classes will generally hold anywhere from 5-15 participants based around the type of class.

Ranging from our Fully Functional Fitness Training (F3T) classes to our Warrior Kickboxing program and everything in between, anyone can find the class for them at TBS.



-Fully Functional Fitness (F3T) Bootcamp

-Kickboxing Fitness Bootcamp

-Body Shop Strength Bootcamp

-Speed and Agility Bootcamps


Our highest level of training packages, Semi-Private training is where 1 coach is working with up to only 4 clients at any given session.  Private Training is strictly 1 coach to 1 client.

Both Semi-Private and Private training are premium services where everything is tracked by your coaches, nutrition is a major focus, and guided nutritional supplementation is implemented.

This training tier is meant for those that wish to truly maximize their results, or are in a specific special population where private training is absolutely critical, such as athletes.

Private sessions can be scheduled at any time that is agreed upon by coach and client. As a private client, you may choose your coach. He or she will be your champion throughout your journey, and the relationship which is built will serve as a rock-solid foundation of your progress at TBS.

Deciding what’s right for you

Deciding which option is best for you can sometimes be tough. Let us help you! Simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your choice!