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What people are saying about Tedesco Body Shop

From Robin H.

"I had my second back surgery at the end of June. As an alternative to physical therapy, I stopped in at Tedesco Body Shop. I have been working out with them for over two months now. If something hurts, Marc knows how to best correct it (by strengthening it) or by working around it so you still get a good workout without injury. I know my posture is correct and that I’m exercising safely. Marc works with me to customize the workout so that I can get results and not hurt my back."

"Everyone at Tedesco Body Shop is caring, friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, and motivating. The family-like atmosphere makes it easy to keep going week after week."


From Adrianne B.

"Tedesco Body Shop is not your normal gym.  Where else can you find rock climbing walls, rope ladders and equipment for ninja warrior training?  A complete section is set aside for Muay Thai kickboxing and training as well as state of the art cardio equipment.  Anything you would want or need to reach your goals can be found at this facility."

 Aside from the impressive facility, the staff is the best in the business.  The owners, Natalie and Marc, genuinely care about their clients and work hard to get everyone into the best shape of their lives.  They both bring a level of passion and energy into the gym that is contagious!

 I have been working with Marc for a couple of years now and the knowledge that he has for nutrition and physical fitness is vast.  He is able to learn what each client needs individually to reach their fitness goals and creates a personal plan to get you there.  Small changes are made to your lifestyle and eating habits little by little and before you know it, you have completely changed mentally and physically.  You will never feel as though you are on a "diet".  This is a lifestyle change.  And it will stick.

 Tedesco Body Shop offers several different instructor-led sessions including fitness classes, kickboxing, personal training, speed and agility as well as nutrition consultations.  Even if it is outside of your comfort zone, try it out! I never thought that boxing would be something I would be interested in but now I'm obsessed!

 Stop by and check them won't regret it!"