We’re well into cold and flu season and no one wants to spend the holiday feeling less than energized! A great way to prevent a cold or the flu is supporting your immune system. If it’s well equipped to fight off the pathogens that cause illness you won’t have to feel the effects of the symptoms that are to come when someone is infected! Also, even if you are suffering from a cold or flu you can still support your immune system to lessen the blow. However, prevention is always the most productive way to go! Here are a few things you can take in if you feel that an illness is coming on:

Vitamin C: Best taken as a preventative measure. A great antioxidant that’s needed for the body to carry out a lot of metabolic processes, most important clearing the body of free radicals!

Vitamin A and D: They depend on each other to fully function and support immunity directly.

Turmeric: a great anti-inflammatory spice that increases immunomodulating capacity of the body.​

Echinacea Tea: Herbal remedy great for supporting the immune system as prevention for cold/flu.​

Stay healthy this season!

Dedicated to your success,