What does a plant based diet even mean? Most believe it’s synonymous with veganism but that’s not exactly true. There are some very close similarities, however veganism is a life style and being plant based only pertains to your diet. Reasons someone may be plant based can vary.

Also, being plant based can be something you incorporate for a few meals or a few days a week. Not every meal has to solely be completely plant based if that’s not something that interests you.

When starting out with being plant based the first thing to do is to find plant food sthat you love. Test things out as you’re transitioning. For example, before cutting out all or some of your animal products make sure you have delicious things you can add in that way you don’t feel deprived. Preparing yourself best you can will ensure you have the best possible experience.

Be patient during this learning process. You won’t get everything right but once you find what works for you it’ll be very rewarding. Not only that but pay close attention to how certain foods make you feel. Even though it may be a plant based health food your body may not thrive eating it. Give yourself that wiggle room to figure out what truly meshes well with your body chemistry!

Dedicated to your success,