We’ve all told ourselves we want to get something done health/fitness wise and dropped the ball or something came up that threw us off our game. That’s completely normal, and sometimes to be expected. If we could perfectly reach any health or fitness goal there wouldn’t be such an accomplished feeling when we do hit it! Also, we wouldn’t get to take part in the beautiful pleasure of falling in love with the journey. Which, sometimes, is the BEST part of the whole experience.

To begin you want to set a clear, and concise goal. Be very specific, down to want you’ll feel the moment that you do reach said goal. This helps greatly because when you can connect your emotions to a goal and actually feel what it’ll be like to reach it you’re much more inclined to get there. As humans we tend not to be motivated to do things due to rationale or logic. Feelings/emotions are our BIGGEST motivators. So let’s make that work for us!

Next, get committed to yourself and your goal. Remember that a commitment isn’t something you’ll always be in the mood for and that ALRIGHT. For example, getting a pet, having children, or even being married are all such beautiful things but there are times we just don’t feel like dealing with it. It might be raining so walking the dog is a hassle, the kids had too much candy and won’t go to bed making it hard for you to relax that night, or your spouse may be extremely aggravating one day. You don’t not walk the dog because it needs to potty, you don’t just get rid or your kids or spouse because you love them. You recognize you’re just not in the mood but deal with it anyway because you’re committed. You need that same level of commitment when pertaining to your goals for them to actually happen.

Lastly, connect with those doing the same thing you are or have been where you are. This helps you not feel alone and see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! These people will help motivate and hold you accountable to yourself. It’s easy to let your self down but much harder to do so with others. This is a very positive way to stay engaged during your journey.

With all things, this to takes practice and patience. Each day it gets a little better. If you do slip up you can always make it better!

Dedicated to your success,